Social Initiatives

ESAF Cooperative not only provides banking services, but also several types of training & capacity building programs to its clients with the objective of clients’ development & welfare.

Our programs includes
  • Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

    Through Entrepreneurship Development Trainings we are aiming for;

    Formalization of enterprises through registration and licensing

    Standardization of accounting practice, quality, branding & packaging etc… through sector specific regular skill training and entrepreneurship development activities, which in turn make the product competent in the market as wells

    Increased sales & profitability of entrepreneurs

  • Skill Trainings

    To a large extend, the Socio-Economic Development of a country depends upon women empowerment. In developing economies like India, skill development, especially of female population is of paramount importance. ESAF Co-operative in association with ESAF Society & ESAF Small Finance Bank, gives sector-wise training programs to its Sangam members using the service of experienced practitioners from the sector. These training programs help the entrepreneurs to scale up their existing enterprises & also contribute for the economic growth and well-being of their family & the society

  • Financial Literacy Campaign/FACE

    Financial Literacy is recognised as an important component for sustained financial inclusion process. ESAF Co-operative is highly concerned about the financial awareness, discipline & stability of its clients. The Financial Literacy Classes and Campaigns are being conducted all throughout the country with the objective of ‘Financial Awareness & Capacity Enhancement’

  • Health Camps / Awareness Programs

    ESAF Co-operative, in collaboration with several hospitals and clinics across the country, is holding various Health Camps such as Eye Camps, General Medical Camps, Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Programs, etc. for the healthy well-being of its Sangam members.

  • Flood Rehabilitation House Construction Service

    ESAF Co-operative has lent a helping hand to Sangam members who have lost their homes due to the Kerala flood 2018. The project titled ‘Snehaveedu’ envisages the construction of 100 houses for the deserving Sangam members. So far we have completed the construction of 16 houses and we recently have taken up construction of an additional 11 houses as well

  • Covid-19 Awareness Programs and Camps (SURAKSHA 21)

    ESAF Cooperative is concerned about the wellness of its members in every way. Suraksha 21 is a massive Covid vaccine drive which takes place in India. ESAF Cooperative has launched the project across Kerala, North Tamil Nadu, South & Central Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, UP, and Rajasthan. As part of this project, a total of 5 lakh members will be provided with Covid Awareness and a similar number of members will be vaccinated as well.

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