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ESAF is committed to provide a wholistic service to its, SHG members to make them getting transformed and experience a better equal development. While the credit requirements of our SHG members are met effectively by ESAF multistate agro cooperative society through ESAF Bank, we are equally responsible to make sure that their Socio Economic development has been achieved through well planned ‘Credit Plus’ activities implemented in a systematic way across area of operation

Strategy of the Member Service Department of ESAF Cooperative

Training of Trainers (ToT) program for SEDO AND WRP

Financial Literacy program cum SHG quality improvement program


SHG quality generation activities has to be conducted with following objectives;

Livelihood Development Training

Women empowerment through economic and social empowerment is a possible way to solve the current socio-economic disparity of our society. Micro enterprises, wage employment and placement jobs are some of the ways to reach self-sustainability. Entrepreneurship development will not only help in self-sustenance, but also create job opportunity for large number of people

As part of entrepreneurship development, ESAF Cooperative proposes 4 levels of training & mentoring for their members

  1. Pre Orientation Training
  1. Business Orientation Training (BOT)


  1. Entrepreneurship Development Program (E.D.P) First phase





  1. Entrepreneurship Development Program (E.D.P) Second Phase

Content for BOT training

  1. One day programme
  2. Induction module contents

Content for EDP-first phase (2 days)

  1. Possibilities of enterprises- How to recognize suitable enterprise
  2. Selection of enterprise (for potential entrepreneurs)
  3. Adopting a cluster based approach for effective management of individual enterprises
  4. Basic factors influencing the sustainability of an enterprise.
  5. Discussion on; - Who is Entrepreneur?

                             What is enterprise?

                             What is entrepreneurship?

  1. Soft skill training
  2. Resource mobilization and utilization
  3. Business plan formation
  4. Book keeping
  5. Time management
  6. Introduction to basic and effective Marketing methods
  7. Customer Identification and Competition
  8. Cost benefit analysis 
  9. Leadership and effective communication
  10. Potential entrepreneur converted to complete entrepreneur
  11. Experience sharing with Successful entrepreneur
  12. FAQ’s


Skill Training (The duration may vary from sector to sector)

  1. Provide skill training with the support of various govt. and other agencies
  2. Sector/business specific skill building
  3. Training for entrepreneurs completing E.D.P. and willing to start up enterprises/managing enterprises

Content for EDP –Second phase (2 days)

(After the completion of E.D.P. first phase there will be a sector wise E.D.P.)

  1. Experience sharing- sharing their experience on sector wise training
  2. Preparing a calendar for starting enterprises (for new /potential entrepreneurs)/preparing an expansion or upgradation plan (for existing entrepreneurs)
  1. Factors influencing the market
  2. Salient features of sales man ship
  3. Banking procedures – General awareness of banking procedures
  4. Importance of Business plan and its methodology,
  5. Preparation of bankable projects

Branch Advisory Committee

Branch advisory committee (BAC) consist of SHG leaders, whom are identified jointly by Unit Manager & Area Manager concerned. The guidelines in the identification of BAC is as follows;

Weekly Market, Home Shop & Micro-mart


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