Agri Input Marketing

Agriculture Input marketing

The promotion of Agri- inputs such as seed/fertilizer/machinery etc… is one of the main objectives of ESAF Cooperative. ESAF Cooperative can support the livelihood of a large number of its members, through the supply of Agriculture inputs and the promotion of scientific farming. Bio-Inputs can be used intermittently with chemical fertilizer as part of scientific farming, which in turn give better yield without deteriorating the quality of soil

Need for Scientific Farming

Chemical fertilizers have played a significant role in Indian agriculture, facilitating green revolution and making the country self-reliant in food production. However unscientific usage of chemical inputs shall disturb the soil health, leading to acidification, micro-nutrient depletion, soil degradation, food crop health and lower crop yield and quality. Besides, excess usage of chemical fertilizers may contribute to environmental risks like increase in global warming, ground and surface water pollution etc. In view of this, it is desirable to adopt scientific farming that provides eco-technological stability, sustainable agriculture and better pest and nutrient management.

Bio-cedar Organic inputs from ESAF Cooperative

ESAF Cooperative promotes a range Biological fertilizers & Organic Agri inputs produced by ESAF Swasraya Producers Company Ltd., a subsidiary organization of ESAF Cooperative using the state of art production facility in Palakkad

Quality Assurance
  • Bio-cedar Organic inputs are produced using the technology developed by Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR, Bangalore), Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR, Kozhikode), Kerala Agriculture University (KAU, Thrissur)
  • Product quality has been assured through periodical testing by state & National approved laboratories
  • Products are developed to provide end to end solution to farmers
  • Proper guidance has been given to farmers for effective usage of products using the service of experts from the field

Bio-cedar – Microbial Mixture+

Microbial Mixture (AMC) is a liquid microbial product contains Nitrogen fixing, Phosphates, Potassium & Zinc (PK &Zn) solubilising and plant growth promoting bacterial strains. This can be applied through seed, soil, water and nursery media like coco peat.

Technology developed by Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR, Govt. of India. Bangalore)

  • Improves seed germination
  • Enhances crop yield
  • Reduces 25% of N & P fertilizer usage
  • Increases plant vigour to resist diseases
  • Disease free & Healthy soil
Application Methods

Seed Treatment: 10-20 ml of Microbial Mixture should be mixed with 20 ml rice gruel to make a slurry. Seeds (100-200gr) can be mixed with this slurry. Care should be taken to ensure a uniform coating of the slurry on the seed surface. Treated seeds should be shade dried for 30 minutes and sown within 24 hrs.

Cocopeat enrichment: 1 lit of Microbial Mixture (AMC) is sufficient to enrich 1000kg of cocopeat. A suspension of AMC (20ml/Lit) can be applied with a rose can onto the cocopeat. The enriched material can be stabilized overnight prior to filling in portrays.

Soil Drenching: 3 lit of Microbial Mixture (AMC) is required for inoculating crops raised on one acre of land. For transplanted crops, MM can be suspended in water @20ml/Lit and applied near the root zone & can spray on leaf from 7 to 10 days after transplantation. For direct sown crops, root zone drenching can be done between the 4th to 7th day after sowing.

Fertigation: For fertigation or drip irrigation , 3 Lit of MM can applied through drip for 1 acre & recommended to use at an interval of 50-60 days. Also need to spray (20ml/Lit) over the leaf for better result.

Bio-cedar - GINGER Special+

Ginger special is a crop specific micronutrient foliar spray for higher yield in Ginger for soils above pH7.

It is a research formulation of Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), Calicut, Kerala


How to Use: For one hectare, mix 3 kg of the powder in 600 litres (5gr/Lit) of water and mix thoroughly before spraying. Start first spray at 30-45 days after planting and repeat after every 45 days till 6th month, preferably between 6 – 11 a.m. or 4-6 p.m. Use Ginger Rich or ginger crop in soils above pH7 and get yield increase up to 15-20%.

Warning: To be sprayed alone, do not mix with any other plant protection chemicals (pesticides, fungicide etc.)

Bio-cedar - BANANA Special+

BIOCEDAR Banana Special crop specific micro nutrient foliar spray is exclusive for higher yield in banana crop.

lt is a research formulation of I.I.H.R. Bangaluru.

How to Use
  • Mix 75gms of Biocedar Banana Special+ 1 Lemon Fruit Juice+ 1shampoo Pouch (If lemon not available use citric acid 10 gm) in 15 ltrs of water and mix thoroughly before spraying
  • Drenching of the solution (250ml/plant} after 15 days of plantation in the case of tissue culture plants. For suckers drench after 45 days of sucker plantation
  • Start spray on the plants after 5th month of plantation once in 30 days continue up to 8th month (4 sprays).
  • The last two sprays done both on bunch and leaves 30 days and 60 days after bunch emergence
  • Spray should be preferably done between 6.00 to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 to 6.30 p.m. Spray should be done mainly 60 to 70% on lower surface of the leaves and up to 30% on upper surface
  • Can be mixed with any pesticides and fungicides (Except copper fungicides}
  • Use 14 kgs of Biocedar Banana special for one acre of banana crop and get more yield upto 20%

Bio-cedar BEAUVERIA+

A Bio Protector against plant pests & Recommended for all crops.

It strengthens the plants against pest & Insects. It reduces the pest infections significantly.

Its effective against Mealy bugs, Worms, White flies, Termites, Mites & Thrips.


Dosage:5 gr / lit spray & drenching, for Grubs do basal application along with Neem cake.
Do not mix with chemicals.

Content:Beauveria bassiana (1.15% W.P)

Bio-cedar - CARDAMOM Special+

A crop specific micronutrient foliar spray for higher yield in cardamom.

It is a research formulation of ICAR – Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode.


How to Use:Dissolve one kg of the mixture in 200 litres of water, mix thoroughly, filter and spray. Spray twice in a year at May - June and August - September, preferably between 6.00-11.00 a.m. and 4.00 to 6.00p.m. The yield increase expected is up to10-15%.

Warning:To be sprayed alone, do not mix with any other plant protection chemicals (pesticides, fungicide etc). *Patent filed by IISR, Calicut

Bio-cedar Flower AMAZE+

  • AMAZE contains several essential hormones, enzymes & amino acids besides florigens that trigger excellent flowering
  • Helps flower retention & arrest flower drops
  • Controls fruit drop & increasing the productivity
  • Keeping quality & freshness of flowers & fruits

Dosage:Spray – 1 ml/lit

Note:Shake well before use; always use spreading agents for better results

Bio-cedar Paecilomyces (Bio-Nematicide)+

Paecilomyces Lilacinus controls the root knot nematodes which damages the root system & destroy the entire plant.

It is an organic formulation very effective in crop health management and increasing yield of crops. It increases plant resistance against the attack of Nematodes.


Soil Applications:2 kg Paecilomyces is mixed with 200 kg of neem cake or 500 kg of vermicompost or 1000 kg of compost. Keep it for 4 days under shadow with minimal moisture and apply it in soil around the roots

Drenching:Take 5 gr of paecilomyces and mix with 1 lit of water and apply near the roots.

Bio-cedar MEALY-CIDE+

  • MEALY-Cide is Microbial insecticide effective against mealy bugs & Leaf miners
  • It inhibits the nerve and muscle cells of insects
  • Spray – 1 to 2ml/lit
  • Shake well before use; always use spreading agents for better results


It contains Mycorrhiza, Fulvic acid, Macro & Micro nutrients and proprietary constituents essential for plant growth. Recommended for all crops

  • Greatly increases the microbial & mycorrhizal activities and promotes nutrient uptake
  • Rapid and extensive root growth
  • Uptake of phosphorous and other nutrients
  • Stress management
  • Mycorrhiza: 100/gm (80 ips/gm)
  • Amino acid :15 %
  • Naturally derived ingredients: 15%
  • Carrier: 60 %

Dosage: 2-3 kg / acre

Bio-cedar SPARK+

Effective against Sucking pests, Aphids, Mealy bugs, Mites , Trips & Leaf minors

  • It’s a unique combination of biological extracts
  • This contains secondary metabolites & by products of Bacterial system which is effective against Sucking pests, Mealy bugs, Aphids, Leaf minor etc.
  • It inhibits the nerve and muscle cells of insects
  • It performs well on all crops under different agro climatic conditions
  • Non-chemical base & safe to environment

Note: Shake well before use; always use spreading agents for better results

Dosage: Spray - 2 ml/ lit. Add spreading agents for better result

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